[VIDEO] Introducing The Marketing Knot

As a business owner responsible for everything, marketing can be completely overwhelming and crazy making. There’s so much you could be doing but the real question is what should you be doing? For your business, in your industry and with your budget?

It seems like every expert has the answer:

“If you’re not on Facebook you’re losing business. It’s the only free marketing activity that brings sales”

“Email marketing brings the best return on investment. It’s the most cost effective marketing activity you can do”

“You can’t beat real life, face to face, networking. Marketing is about building relationships in person”

“Linkedin is the secret!”

Marketing, much like sales, is a worn out word. And the advice? There’s so damn much of it! It’s hard to know what to listen to, what to ignore and where to start.

That’s why I went to work over 5 years ago now to develop a way for new and small business owners to navigate this marketing world. The result was ‘The Marketing Knot’ an all new, proven, step by step framework designed to take the pain out and put the profit in to your marketing.

It’s the simple step by step process I followed when I was starting out. It’s a process I designed for young entrepreneurs, people who have never done any marketing in their life and business owners who are frustrated by a lack of results or growth.

The reason it works? You forget what’s fashionable in favour of what works for you. It’s about creating a custom marketing strategy around your unique set of circumstances. There’s no marketing magic wand. This is about creating real connection with your ideal type of customers and building a solid system that you can repeat year in year out.

Since it’s conception, I’ve helped everyone from individuals artists to multi million pound businesses implement the framework and I continue to use it myself. There’s no better place to start to get your business and your marketing in shape.

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