Pricing: You’re Worth It

Pricing is such a tricky task when you first start out, especially when you sell a service but the best customer relationships come from a foundation of respect and benefit for both parties.

Underselling yourself will not only make you resentful but you set in the mind of your customer what the service is worth. Price it too low and they won’t consider it a priority, won’t respect the work or you.

But you’re scared of charging more right? I get that, I was too. Until I started reversing the way I worked. Instead of creating hte service and putting a price on it, I set the price then created the service. Money can be such a barrier to business if we let it, so don’t let it.

Set the price and then build the value. If you’re not comfortable with the price then it’s likely not worth it. Add more value until you’re selling something you believe in with everything you are. Pack it so full of value that you believe whole heartedly that this is an amazing deal and worthy service for them to buy.

And remember, you’re worth it. You’ve done the hard work. You’ve earned the respect. You’ve built the trust. Don’t doubt yourself at the last hurdle. Set your price and state it with confidence. If they don’t want it after all that, then they’re not your audience.

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