Selling to Big Businesses

Selling to businesses comes with additional challenges. You’re not just dealing with people you’re dealing with systems. Systems that make it hard for you to get an opportunity, systems that make it hard for you to win any opportunities you do get and systems that take forever to pay you when you’ve won the work.

Systems are inherently broken and the larger the organisation the more likely they are to let you down. They’re built at a particular point in time and rarely keep up with the pace of change, becoming more and more unfit as the years pass. Changing those systems becomes a mammoth task that just keeps growing and so the people in charge rarely take the difficult decisions necessary to make the changes.

So what do you do? You find a person.

People that know the system. People that can manipulate the system. People that can show you how to avoid the system all together. People who are on your side.

People do business with people, that’s still as true today as it has always been. Systems change but your challenge hasn’t. Get to know the people.

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