If you’re just starting…

What piece of advice would you give to yourself if you could go back to when you first started your business?

Today I get to help 8 new business owners with their marketing strategy. They’re taking part in a startup accelerator programme which is designed to quickly teach them everything they need to know to succeed.

I remember how I felt when I first quit my job to start my business. TERRIFIED. I mean, what the duck was I thinking?! No plan. No money. No idea. Just a desire to create something that matters. A desire to enjoy my work. A desire to control what I could earn and how I could earn it.

In reality, i’d had enough of all the rules and all the rush hour traffic. I’d followed the rules for a decade and frankly I felt ‘miss-sold’ on life. Following the rules does not guarantee success and being in business right now in this economy is no more risky than being in a job. I know that because I’ve been there, where the notice of redundancy is a sucker punch to everything you believed about yourself and about the world. I’ve watched it happen time and time again to people. It’s happening right now to people I care about.

So I guess the first thing I would say is don’t be afraid of the uncertainty. Those 40+ hours a week you’re putting into a job you hate you’ll have back. That’s 40+ hours a week to do something you enjoy and when you’re doing work you love it will lead to money. Don’t panic, just keep focusing on the work. On helping people.

The second thing I would say is go at your own pace. Don’t look to your left or right at the next person. Don’t compare your progress or results to anyone else. It’s not a like for like comparison and it won’t help you one little bit. Focus inward, focus forward and you’ll get to where you want to be.

Today i’ll aim to inspire and educate 8 new business owners on how to market their business with little to no resource. It’s a challenge we’ve all faced and our existence is confirmation it’s possible. The hard truth is, they won’t all make it but you can bet the ones that do will be the ones who believe they can.

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