Women in Business.

This is women in business.

Ambitious. Driven. Intelligent. Generous. Wise. Worthy.

These are the kind of women that feed my soul. They are as intelligent, driven and ambitious as any man I know and yet they also embody the kind of warmth, sensitivity and heart that the world so desperately needs. They lead us into a better way of doing business, letting go of the competitive narrative that can be so toxic and embracing a strategy of togetherness that lifts us all up.

My world was forever changed by the words of one such powerful woman and I continue to be shaped by the many more I have since had the honour to learn from.

I spent my morning having coffee with another such woman and it is an absolute joy and privilege to sit across from someone so inspiring and recount mutual business memories and plans for the future.

I wouldn’t be where I am or have the confidence and self belief I have without their acceptance, encouragement and strength. The vulnerability, honesty and raw passion they put into their work and unashamedly share with the world does not ask for permission or praise. It is simply unleashed for the benefit of others.

This International Women’s Day I feel luckier than ever to be where I am, surrounded by my circle of ever growing men and women that understand that being in business is about so much more than making money but aren’t afraid to set big financial goals either.

On this day I want to say thank you to all the women out in the world being unapologetically who they are and fiercely determined to reach their goals in their own way in spite of the worlds expectations or barriers.

There is no glass ceiling. There is no ceiling at all, except the one in our own mind.

*Photo taken on the True Business Antigua Retreat with Kat Byles.

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