Reflection: The Summer of 2019

Why did you go into business? Can you remember?

Not the reason you tell people or even the reason you now believe to be true after years of building stories around it but the real reason right back in the beginning when it was barely even an idea?

For me it was FREEDOM.

A monumental desire for freedom.

I can give you a whole host of other reasons of course, everything from I needed to get out of my job at the time through to wanting to make a difference in a number of different ways but deep down everything about my business journey has been about freedom. Having it, creating it, enjoying it.

2019 isn’t going to be my best year financially. It isn’t going to be the year of huge expansion and growth. It isn’t the year where I hit my big goals. But, this is the year I’ve been free.

From horse riding in the Caribbean to road tripping around Iceland and enjoying many a 3 day work week. I’ve been away more than I’ve been home and at the same time I’ve kept this beautiful business of mine ticking along nicely.

FREEDOM. I have it.

Returning from my travels, I’ve got a lot to share. I’ve been hoarding so much content for so long that it’s going to be kind of liberating to finally send it out into the world. Big, juicy business conversations. Bitesize, step by step guides and all the real life success and struggle stories that will no doubt resonate strongly.

If you don’t already know I share my journey, my marketing tips, my success and my failure as part of an email series. Up until now it’s been only for those I personally invited and I’ve loved the safety of that but it’s time throw away the last vestiges of comfort in favour of connection because each and every new contact I’ve made has added so much richness to my life and I want more.

More conversation with more people in business. More real connection with real people behind the scenes not a social facade. More sharing, more encouragement and more laughter.

If you want to follow along my journey, if you want to connect then you can sign up here. I’d love you to join.

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