Sales Pitch Fear

“Pitch me. Now. Go.”

I freeze. I look away. I giggle like a school girl talking to her crush. I blush. I want a big black hole to swallow me up.

I deflect. I ask questions. I do anything but pitch.

He makes the challenge simpler. Ok, don’t pitch me just give me the ask. Say the words.

I say them and I hear myself and cringe. It’s not the confident business owner I know I can be. It’s the shy, insecure introvert that hates being in the spotlight.

It’s like I’m 10 years old again reading the Christmas nativity to the whole school and saying ‘dunkey’ instead of ‘donkey’. Everyone laughs.

Except it’s not like that because this is worse.

In some ways I had more confidence as a 10 year old than I do now and I get why. At 10 I hadn’t been humiliated yet for getting something wrong. I hadn’t been rejected by boys, employers or anyone else. I hadn’t failed at a test or failed in any way. I hadn’t been taught that failure was bad (it’s not) or felt the pressure to impress people, to be liked.

I wonder if I approached everything with the audacity and confidence of that 10 year old what the results would be?

Sales is hard when you get in your own way. When you see it as something sleazy. When you forget that what you’re trying to do is help people in the best way you know how.

Get over yourself

That’s the advice I heard before I started in business and it’s brilliant in it’s simplicity.

The reality is the embarrassing thing you’re worrying about? No one else will even notice or if they do they’ll forget about it in 5 minutes. Everyone is wrapped up in their own bubble focusing on their own every day struggles and humiliations, working towards their own dreams, celebrating their own success to pay too much attention to you.

So, get over yourself and get on with it. If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.

And remember, it’s never too late. I fluffed that pitch put on the spot. Today with the frustration turned into passion I record a quick pitch and email it off. It’s far from perfect but it’s done.

We’re all human, we all make mistakes but facing them head on enables you to turn them to your advantage.

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