[VIDEO] Roundtable on Jealousy, competition and being a woman in business.

In a connected world competition is seemingly everywhere and yet the idea that there is plenty more fish in the sea has never been more true. So, how do you navigate this world as a woman in business? How do you deal with the inevitable jealousy that arises? And, how do you champion collaboration even as your stomach is in knots.

Today I joined three inspiring women to discuss topics you don’t hear that much about; jealousy and competition.

We bring into the light our own experiences of jealousy and competition, how we dealt with it and how we’ve learnt to stay true to, and focused on, who we are and what we have to give.

So if you’ve ever felt jealous of someone else, if you’ve ever sent yourself into hiding to avoid being judged, if you’ve ever been scared off by the competition and most importantly if you’ve ever wanted to step fully into the world and shine bright then this is a conversation for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Envy or jealousy is a great signpost for something you are longing for
  • Analyse and break down that which is making you jealous to understand what you do and don’t want.
  • Ask yourself, are you willing to be judged in the name of what you want to do in the world?
  • Recognise we live in an abundant world, there’s plenty of clients for everyone!
  • Actively refer people to others
  • Trust in yourself but protect yourself too
  • Celebrate other people shining
  • Invest in yourself without guilt or shame
  • Tend to your nervous system, recognise what you need

Final thoughts from me:

The second you focus on others and take your direction from them you dilute your message, your work and your impact.

Get inspiration from people outside of your industry where you can generate ideas for your business without sinking into direct comparison.

Filter your social media feeds and be aware of how you react to people and their message. Be ruthless in cutting that which does not feed your creativity or positivity.

When you see the success of others it is the results of years (often 5-20 years) of hard work. Focus on your next step and celebrate how far you’ve come.

And remember, no one is more you than you. Your ideas, your approach, creativity and personality are your biggest competitive advantage as a small business owner. Focus on how you can use that in your brand and marketing.

About the speakers:

Sophie Jane Mortimer is a communications strategist who loves inspiring women change-makers and creatives to grow their audience, income and impact. She has a fabulous Facebook course for those of you who have never set up a business page and don’t know where to start. Find out more about her at www.sophiejanemortimer.com

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching, where she teaches women worldwide to become a midwife for the change process of their coaching clients. She has a very successful academy that you can find out more about at https://academyforsoulbasedcoaching.com/

Kate Wolf helps brilliantly sensitive entrepreneurs to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and start sharing their voice, so they can build a purpose-full, prosperous business, that feels like play. Kate is a purpose coach that you can explore working with at http://www.katewolf.global/

Finally, I’m Katherine Lucarz a marketing consultant and founder of The Marketing Knot a step by step framework designed to take new and small business owners from marketing shame to marketing fame. You can find out more at https://themarketingknot.com

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  • Katherine ,thank you ,as always for sharing your refreshing approach to marketing … we all have a message that we want to get out there . its inspiring to gain new insights as to how we can best achieve this ! keep up the great work and i look forward to your future posts . warm regards Mark

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