What happened when I tried The 30 Day ‘productivity’ sprint.

As a society we’re obsessed with extreme productivity but I’m not interested in a 4am wake up routine designed to make you a working machine. What I am interested in is how we maintain motivation, effort and output consistently because marketing and business requires it.

I’m interested in how we learn to work around our moods rather than pushing through them and making ourselves miserable.

I’m interested in how we harness the power of our mind and our body to make us happier business builders.

Most of us are wildly erratic workers.

If you’re anything like me your efforts will be rather erratic swinging wildly from hyper productive to almost hibernation. First comes procrastination then the guilt of not doing enough. The guilt leads to a big push, maximum effort which inevitably can only last so long and leads to a requirement for rest.  The rest period leads to guilt, procrastination, guilt and so on as the cycle repeats itself.

For me this cycle can run over days or months. I can look back at my year and see not just in my happiness but financially in my bottom line the effects of this cycle. It is not helpful and so I set out to find a solution.

Enter the 30 day sprint method.

Introduced to me by Vix from The Practical Balance, I love this method for a number of reasons:

  • It’s about balance and maximising your energy throughout the month making everything feel natural, easy and comfortable
  • It helps you focus on what is right in front of you, reducing overwhelm and procrastination
  • Everything happens in phases and the transitions are helpful triggers that prevent you from pushing too hard in any one area which means you’re less likely to go back into hibernation and procrastination
  • It provides a structure to our years which if you work for yourself can be a real brain saver. Being your own boss comes with unique challenges and a bit of structure is helpful.
  • It’s flexible to implement around a calendar month or your menstrual cycle (if you have one)

The 30 day sprint explained

Basically the 30 day sprint focuses our work and effort into phases based on our naturally moving energies. It’s impossible to be the super productive phase every day of the month and even if we could do that we’d miss the opportunities that rest brings. The chance to reflect and learn – something vital to success in business.

My favourite explanation of the phases are based on the seasons. We have Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Spring – An emergent time of exploration that is great for getting creative and starting new projects. Brainstorm, set goals and let your imagination fly.

Summer – Full bloom, this is the time for being your most socially outgoing. A time for sharing your work with the world and spreading your message.

Autumn – A powerful transition phase where we seek completion and get sh*t done. With the momentum of spring and summer in full force we power through.

Winter – A time for rest perfect for reflection, learning and consolidating all we have achieved. Without this vital phase we can take on too much, push too hard missing opportunities for our next phase of growth.

How the 30 day sprint helped me.

By breaking down our yearly calendar into 30 day sprints we can focus on what we want to achieve in the short term and organise our activities based on a realistic  goal and immediate drive.

Each phase gives you a focus which especially when it comes to your marketing efforts can be essential in ensuring you do everything necessary to succeed – planning, creating, sharing and learning.

We are all naturally more inclined to one way of working than another. I’m a creator and introvert so the nudge into summer reminds me I need to get on with sharing my creations with the world and connecting – otherwise I have a hobby not a business!

I also found The 30 Day Sprint extremely beneficial when it came to being consistently visible with my work. If you’re someone that struggles with being visible then this ‘phased methodology’ can really help you to push out your comfort zone in a sustainable way.

Watch our full discussion on The 30 Day Sprint plus other productivity and visibility tips here.

About the Creator

Vix Anderton is the founder of The Practical Balance and a coach to entrepreneurs.  Based in London she works virtually with business owners from around the world and locally runs the Reconnection Cafe.  Vix has designed multiple systems to help you work in flow and create better balance. The 30 day sprint part of her ‘Find Your Flow’ programme which you can check out here.

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