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Purchasing and creating your first website can be a really stressful time and financially risky. You want it to be perfect and if you outsource you have to put your trust and money in someone else.

There are many many website horror stories out in the business networking world and for good reason. But it doesn’t mean all website sellers are out to con you or even that it’s their fault when it goes wrong but it does mean you need to take this purchase and process seriously.

I’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Your First Website. It’s a comprehensive breakdown of the steps involved in creating your website plus the pros and cons of doing it yourself vs buying it in.

I walk you through everything you need to think about and do including:

  • Figuring out if you actually need a website
  • Deciding whether to outsource or do it yourself
  • How to select the right website partner and what you should pay
  • Understanding and managing the website creation process
  • Creating the content for your website
  • Getting to grips with hosting, security, domain registration and SEO

Having created The Marketing Knot Magazine site myself and worked with web developers on projects small and large with budgets from £400 – £40,000 I’ve learnt a thing or two about why websites go wrong and how to give yourself the best chance of success.

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