The Social Media ‘Sanity’ Strategy

Do you use Linkedin? Facebook? Instagram?

How do you feel about them?

Recently I had one of those moments where the obvious becomes, well, obvious and you wonder how the hell you had been living in the dark for so long.

This particular moment of realisation was relating to Linkedin and specifically how much I HATED the social media platform. I knew why I hated it – the constant selling, the self promotion, the fakeness, the rudeness, the bizarre updates about people’s evening meals or family pets.

And, as a result of my frustration with being bombarded with everything I didn’t want to see, I’d been missing out on the real connection and interaction possible on this platform.

Like with any social media channel it’s HOW you use it that matters most and I suddenly realised I’d been a passive user, sitting back and being triggered each day by the posts of others. So, I decided to take an approach I use on Facebook and implement it on this ‘professional’ networking channel too.

Here’s my process:

Step 1 – Notice who and what causes a reaction.

Step 2 – Cull all the contacts that aren’t real contacts i.e. I have no idea or interest in them or their business or they use promotional tactics I disagree with.

Step 3 – Unfollow over 50% of the remaining contacts so that I only see the content of those I love hearing from or those who inspire me.

Step 4 – Start making new connections that I love and reconnect with old connections on private message for a deeper level of conversation.

Step 5 – Start sharing and interacting in this new, safe and positive space!

Nothing changed about Linkedin over night and yet everything changed about Linkedin for me.

A simple shift in attitude and approach unlocked this platform for me and perhaps the same exercise could help you?

I’d love to know your approach and experiences with social media. What works for you and what frustrates you? Share in the comments 🙂

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