Beat The Social Media Trolls

Far too many brilliant business men and women retreat from sharing their work and their passion because of random or targeted trolling. So I want to take a second to talk about bullying, intimidation and harassment.

Unfortunately it’s far too common in our online world as people feel brave behind their keyboards and anonymous fake accounts. I suppose I’m lucky that I didn’t grow up as a teenager in this social media frenzy but I can’t help but think something is fundamentally broken about a world where trolling exists.

As someone who likes to understand things I’ve thought about all the excuses a troll or bully might have for their behaviour – they’ve been wronged in some way, they’re ignorant to the impact it has, they’re in so much pain and anguish themselves they’re unable to behave rationally, they’re uneducated, they’re angry at the world for some injustice they’ve experienced.

I can try to understand it but even with those excuses I cannot condone it.

No matter who you are, what has been done to you, what pain you’re in or what intelligence you lack there is no excuse for bullying.


How dare you try to intimidate someone with your cowardly attacks. How dare you mock, belittle, call someone names or try to tear someone down.

We excuse the bullying behaviour of children saying they know no better and need educating but there is an expiration date on when you can behave like a playground bully and it’s somewhere around 16 years old.

And so to the individuals who have done it to me, I say it’s time you grow up.

To all my fellow business owners and people trying to make something of themselves, if you are experiencing this right now as you try to build your business I say it’s time to delete, block and carry on with your work with more enthusiasm and more passion than you had before.

Remember all the nice things people have ever said about you and the great feedback you’ve had. Focus on the impact you want to have in the world and the way you want to make people feel.

I hope your passion for your work is stronger than your fear of judgement and you keep sharing it with the world. We need your voice far more than we need theirs.

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