20 Tools That Make Digital Life And Business Easier

These tools cover everything from managing your accounts to creating your social media content and connecting with customers online.


For online video meetings and group calls. Like Skype but better. Zoom is the tool everyone is talking about right now in a pandemic, home working world. It’s incredibly simple to use and has great versatility for hosting 1:1 and group meetings. Record the meetings, select who can speak / show video and more.

If you want to host events then upgrade to the paid version for even more features.

Google Drive and Google Docs

For collaborative work. Forget having 20 versions of a Word document with Google docs you can all work in real time, see a full history of changes, revert to old versions and more. It makes collaborative working so much simpler (especially when you are working remotely) and reduces the need to keep sending updated documents via email. And, don’t we all need less email in our life? Yes we do!


For scheduling client meetings, Calendly allows people to see your availability and book slots with you saving you numerous back and forth emails about dates and times.

If you’re suddenly home working and don’t have the calendar facilities you did in your workplace then this could be a good temporary solution.


A place to manage everything on your ‘to-do’ list and get more done or in the world of Pandemic home working, a tool to help you create structure to your days and weeks.

For the first year of business I created a Trello board every Sunday evening for the week ahead. I would have a list of tasks for each day of the week so I would know where my time was going. As things come up throughout the week I could add, remove, and move around the tasks as needed but it was impossible to ‘forget’ something important or prioritise the wrong tasks when they were all listed out so obviously. Here’s an example:


Free software for super simple surveys. A dream for customer or audience research. I LOVE this tool.

Use it for product research or service feedback, find out more about your audience, send out an anonymous employee survey. This tool is intuitive to use, has visual and interactive options and it’s free.

Here’s an example of what it looks like in the editor when creating a survey.

This example is part of a brand survey I’ve used in the past with new clients. I like the ability to use everything from long text answers to multiple choice images. It makes it more fun for the recipient and therefore more likely to get completed.


For image creation, editing etc. Perfect if you don’t know your way around photoshop or design software but want to produce professional social media graphics and images. The simple to use templates ensure everything is the correct size and does exactly what you need.


Think Microsoft Word spell checker but for everything you write including emails and social media posts. Download this Google Chrome extension and let it take care of the rest. Perfect if you’re always in a rush and want to make sure your credibility is never questioned because of poor spelling and grammar! Here’s an example of it picking up the wrong use of you’re vs your.


Free stock images that don’t look like cheap, cheesy stock images. There are plenty of other sites too. Just google free stock images.


For making notes and keeping track of things. I used this to log my client notes and timings before I found Toggl.

Write Room

This has a small charge but I really like using it for distraction free writing. I’ll draft blog posts and social media posts here before moving the final version over. It’s less formal than opening a document in Word or Drive and I like the black background option.


Toggl tracks your time so you can better manage what you do and when. It enables you to better calculate your prices, estimate project timelines and set boundaries. After two months with this tool I have become more organised, more disciplined and changed how I allocate my time to projects.

Here is an example of what it looks like. Here I asked it to show me all the hours I had worked on a particular project over the last month.


For digital accountancy and keeping your eye on cash in and out. For the creatives out there, seeing your sales and profit laid out like this keeps you focused on the business side of business!

Design Seeds

Colour palettes for branding inspiration and more.

This gorgeous idea has helped me over the years pull together some stunning colour palettes for brands, ads and more. You can search by colour or collection. My favourite being the seasonal inspiration like this Autumn example.


Designers from around the world showcase their work giving you an endless supply of inspiration and ideas for your branding, brochure, website and more.

Really Good Emails

Email marketing examples for everything from newsletters to customer surveys and product research. If you’re stuck for ideas on design, copy or content then this is a great resource to get you started.

Buzz Sumo

Find the most shared content online at the moment to see what’s popular, join the conversation or discover content to share for your audience.

Who’s guessing it’s a whole lot of Coronavirus right now?!


Have you ever needed to send something via email but it’s too big? Or is your webpage weighed down by huge images a photographer sent you? With Tinypng.com you can reduce your image size whilst maintaining quality so you can send them in an email or optimise page speeds.

If the file size is still too big for email then try WeTransfer.com for a safe and quick solution.


Social media scheduling across all the main social media platforms. A great tool if you want to create your content in advance and manage all your accounts in one place.

Full page screen capture

A Google Chrome extension to capture entire webpages. Perhaps you want to capture your entire website before you move to a new design or you’ve seen a great product page you want to use as inspiration for your future site. Whatever your reason this little tool quickly captures the entire page and saves it as an image or pdf.


A personalised feed of all the blogs and content you need to keep up to date with in your industry.  You can see in my example I have a list of marketing blogs that I’m following and so rather than have to keep up to date with all of these individually – a time consuming task – I can just visit Feedly and see the latest posts from everyone in one place. Just type in a website URL, for example themarketingknot.com, and Feedly will find the blog and create the feed for you.

Are you suddenly working from home, self isolating or self employed and in a panic?

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