So your whole world just flipped upside down because of COVID-19? Yep mine too. And, whilst the lack of loo roll might make you think otherwise, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

But the panic is very, very real for people. Especially the self employed right now; the creatives, the freelancers and the consultants. The ones whose income has been the first to go and who have yet to hear about any real support coming from anywhere.

Like many others in this space I am here to ask you to stay positive, stay connected and double down on that creative genius you have within you.

Now is NOT the time for a box set binge! Advice that shows just how out of touch ‘This Morning’ is from most of the community because this is not a holiday and our biggest concern right now is not boredom.

Now is the time to CONNECT. Stay in digital touch with your customers, your friends and family, your elderly neighbour and your global community.

Don’t go quiet. Don’t retreat. Don’t see isolation as an excuse for becoming isolated (I’m speaking directly to you, my fellow introvert).

Speak up. Share your opinion. Share your story. Take up space in the digital world. Even if you’ve never done so before.

Throw out the rule book because we are indeed living in a whole new world and whilst we might not be rushing out to buy the latest phone/computer/toy/flight we are rushing online to consume the latest piece of advice/inspiration/motivation/connection.

We are spending more time online than ever. We have more time and more attention to give to your email, your Linkedin post or your video.

We are curious about how this situation is affecting your business, what you’re doing and how you can help.

We want to know how you are going to get through this so that we know that we are going to get through this.

We are searching for comfort, support, inspiration and HOPE. This goes for all of us, employee, employer and self employed alike.

So to any business of any size, now is not the time to STOP communicating. Now is the time to DOUBLE DOWN. 

Show that you care. Show that you exist. Show what you’re made of. Take the lead.

We might be isolated but we are not disconnected. Stay in touch.

Katherine x

P.S. What’s your situation right now and how are you feeling? Let me know in the comments.

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